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East Londoner Mela

I had an interesting discussion with Hasan, one of Kamran's housemates.  He is a skinny fellow who wears low-hanging, fitted jeans, greasy spiked hair, and a days old stubble.  He works part time as a salesman for British Gas.  Apparently his style of dress and living is very much the standard in East London.  He ...


Smile, You’re on CCTV!

My arrival in London, thankfully, was not as eventful as I had dreaded it would be.  I arrived at Heathrow Airport on the morning of Friday the 13th and contrary to what one might have expected given the unlucky date, I had no problems whatsoever in immigration.  In fact, I had forgotten to take down my cousin's address ...


The World Awaits

One month shy of my 26th birthday I have left New York to backpack through Western Europe, Turkey, and India for the next two to three months.  I intend to end up in Pakistan where I'm not sure yet how long I will stay. What made me take this seemingly abrupt and dramatic step?  I ...